Haptic Room


The Sensory Sound Installation by artists Adi Hollander, Andreas Tegnander, and Sungeun Lee was specially designed for Echonance #1. It is a proposition to engage with sound in a novel way.

The installation is an arrangement of haptic surfaces such as vibrating floor boards and soft surfaces on which the visitor can lean, sit or lay-down, to experience sound through the sense of touch.

Tactile floor boards
Tactile wall panel

Sensory Sound Installation

Haptic Room Study #2; Traveling Tactile Concert is a small sensory space where the public is invited to listen with their body. The installation consists in an auditorium-like room for 3 to 4 people in which the audience can experience music and sonic elements as vibrations. There are more than 120 vibration motors distributed in its structure through a spatial audio system with up to 32 channels. The vibrating floor is made of tactile wooden floor tiles while the space’s other haptic membranes are soft surfaces meant to accommodate leaning, sitting and laying down and the public is invited to engage in a novel way with contemporary music. The public will experience works by composers Annea Lockwood, Phill Niblock, Yannis Kyriakides, Claudio F Baroni in the Haptic Room. The room will be open to the public at all times during the festival.

About the project


This project is the second phase of the OtherAbilities initiative, a long-term research project aimed at ‘translating’ artworks between senses, by transforming sound art into tactile experiences. The ‘translation’ is both an inquiry into the nature of our active experience of art and experimental art and a design proposition for the possibilities of inclusion of sensory diverse audiences to take a direct part in experiencing art.

1- Dusk by Annea Lockwood
2- Toegrooves by Phill Niblock, film by Phill Niblock
3- Manual of Forgetting by Yannis Kyriakides – Text by Elias Canetti , film by Yannis Kyriakides
4- J’ai connu by Claudio F Baroni – Text by Géraldine Schwarz, film by Sebastian Diaz Morales